WAVE Bioreactor Base 20/50EHT-CO2-L

Wave Biotech Bioreactor 20/50EHT System

Manufacturer: Wave Biotech

Model: BASE20/50EHT-CO2-L

Product Code: 211247

Serial: 1680372

Year: 2012

Tags: Lab Equipment, Bioreactors/Fermenters

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The WAVE Bioreactor 20/50 system is a versatile system designed for use in both R & D and production. It is a modular system consisting of a base unit with various integral options suitable for culture of multiple cell lines.
Convenience: Presterilized, single-use Cellbag bioreactors protect against the risk of cross-contamination, require no cleaning, and involve minimal validation and they are supplied in a ready-to-use format
Reliability: Cellbag bioreactors, including all fittings and filters, are supplied sterile and ready for use. They are suitable for cGMP commercial production and a biosafety cabinet is not required for inoculation or sampling
Flexibility: Multiple instrument configurations for suspension, microcarrier, batch, fed-batch, or perfusion culture
Versatility: The systems are capable of handling culture volumes from 100 mL to 25 L

Electrical: 100-120V, 50/60HZ, 630VA
Integral CO2 Controller
Integral Loadcell Module
Dimensions573 x 465 x 179 mm
Maximum Current6/3 A
Operating Conditions0 to 50C. lt; 95% rh, noncondensing
Power630 W
Rocking Angle2 - 12
Rocking Rate2 - 40 rocks/min
Voltage100/120 V
Weight15.5 kg

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