Waters Alliance 2695 Separations Module

The Waters Alliance 2695 Separations Module is an integrated solvent and sample management platform.

Manufacturer: Waters

Model: WAT270886

Product Code: 304525

Serial: A07SM7640A

Tags: Lab Equipment, HPLC

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The Water 2695 Separations Module provides quaternary solvent, high-performance solvent delivery, integral helium sparge for solvent conditioning, integral plunger seal-wash system, 120-vial capacity sample management system, liquid-crystal display and keyboard user interface.

The Separations Module supports RS-232, IEEE-488, and I/O connections for compatibility with a variety of HPLC system configurations. The Separations Module can function as:
The source of I/O and timing signals in a simple, stand-alone HPLC system
The IEEE-488 system controller in a stand-alone HPLC system using a Waters 2410 or 410 Refractive Index Detector and/or a Waters 2487 Dual Wavelength or Wasters 486 Tunable Absorbance Detector
A component of an HPLC system controlled by the Millennium32 Chromatography Manager, the Micromass MassLynx software, or a data system using RS-232 communications

Electrical: 100-240V, 47-63Hz, 9.5 Amps
Includes Waters 186001863 Column Compartment

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