ViraTek Misting Tunnel with Off-load Conveyor

Viratek Decontamination Misting Tunnel featuring consistent and complete decontamination.

Manufacturer: ViraTek, Inc

Model: LE2020C

Product Code: 205320

Tags: Lab Equipment, Vivarium

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The LE2020 Misting Tunnel is fabricated of wrapped Stainless Steel construction providing a seamless look that is easily sanitized.

The misting pump is activated by a photo-electric eye switch. The pump automatically shuts off if the photo-electric eye is not activated for 10 seconds, ensuring that no items will be over-sprayed. The standard wheeled material handling off-load conveyor expands from 2 to 8 feet and is easily detached from the unit and transported. It comes standard with a package stop at the end.

Best/Flex Gravity Expandable Conveyor
Model: B/F 200
316SS Construction
The mist produced by the LE2020 will provide 100% coverage of any item conveyed through it within 7 seconds (approximately 1/40th the time required to perform the same task by spray bottle or wipes).

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