Unused Tobii T120 Eye Tracker

Tobii Model T120 Eye Tracker for Diagnostic Use

Manufacturer: Tobii

Model: T120

Product Code: 202564

Serial: TT120-208-04700789

Year: 2010

Tags: Lab Equipment, Analyzers

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The Tobii T120 Eye Trackers are integrated into a 17 TFT monitor. They are ideal for all forms of eye tracking studies with stimuli that can be presented on a screen, ranging from market research and usability studies to psychology studies, infant studies, reading studies, vision research and more.

Application areas
Examples of applications where Tobii eye trackers are clearly suitable are:
  • Web and software usability studies
  • Web/TV/print advertisement testing
  • Studies of store shelves, packaging and virtual shopping environments
  • Psychological studies
  • Studies of reading and dyslexia
  • Studies of infants and children
  • Visual perception research
  • Low vision studies
  • Clinical applications
  • Human factors research
  • Eye based computer interaction

Software: E-Prime 2 Pro with E-Prime Extension 2.0 V
Data Range: 120 Hz
Freedom of Head Movement: 30x22x30 cm (12x9x12")
Binocular Tracking: Yes
TFT display:17" TFT, 1280 x 1024 pixels
T/X firmware: Embedded
Weight: 9kgs (20lbs)
User Camera: Built In
Speakers: Built In
Comes Equipped with a Cedrus RB730 USB Response Pad



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