Tecan LS Reloaded Microarray Scanner

Tecan LS Reloaded Microarray Scanner is a uniquely versatile microarray scanner, capable of scanning microarrays printed on microplates as well as slides._

Manufacturer: Tecan

Model: LS Reloaded

Product Code: 203978

Serial: 710002032

Tags: Lab Equipment, Gene Sequencing

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The Tecan LS Reloaded Microarray Scanneris a uniquely versatile microarray scanner, capable of scanning microarrays printed on microplates as well as slides. The many useful features of this microarray scanner allow it to work with multiple microarray substrates and formats, and enables researchers to implement a wide range of applications.

The station for microarray hybridization and the microarray scanners from Tecan uniquely offer advanced solutions for sensitive and powerful microarray applications, including applications involvingDNA, RNAandprotein microarrays.

Whether your application calls for scanning a few dozen protein microarray spots inside the wells of microplates, imaging thousands of DNA spots on the upper or lower surface of a slide, or detecting fluorescence in the channels of microfluidics chips, you can obtain great results with the LS Reloaded microarray scanner.

  • Electrical: 100-120/220-240V, 50-60Hz, 250VA
  • Includes:
    • HP Compaq Computer System
    • Laser Check V1.41 Control Software
    • Array-Pro Analyzer Analyzation Software with Dongle

  • Sample stage: holds a variety of sample adapters and microplates (SBS dimensions)
  • Up to 75 x 22 mm adjustable scan area Automatic image stitching function for larger wavers
  • 3 pinholes for scalable confocality 640 m selectable image resolution
  • 20 Hz scanning speed, e.g. 10 m scan takes 4 min for slide and 25 min for MTP area
  • lt; 0.1 fluorophore equivalent /m2 detection limit
  • PC, TFT Monitor, Array-Pro Analyzer image analysis SW and Microsoft Office package
  • Tecan patended four-slide holder is compatible with Tecans LS Reloaded scanners, Connect stacker, HS Pro automated hybridisation, and Freedom Evo automated liquid handling and robotic workstation instrumentation

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