Sure Torque ST100 Electronic Torque Tester

Using the Sure Torque ST100 Cap Torque Tester increases your productivity and accuracy, and eliminates the risk of ergonomic injury.

Manufacturer: Sure Torque

Model: ST100

Product Code: 250552

Serial: S448

Tags: Packaging Equipment, Cappers

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Sure Torques ST-120 is the most automatised closure Torque Tester on the market with and handles the most different cap types. After placing a sample intto the ST-120 it will apply all the movements like clamping the container, gripping the cap and releasing/applying the closure with automatised moves. The using of a fully automatised torque tester offers 100% repeatable test circumstances wich eliminates the human errors from the measurement. Both the force and the speed of the sample fixing and the testing itself can be set on a wide range.

The Model ST100#39;s operation is as simple as placing the container on a platform and pushing a button. The machine will automatically clamp the container, positively chuck the cap, run the designated test, display the results, and finally transfer those results to your computer database or printer.

Has 28mm CT cap parts
Electric supply: AC 110/240 V
Air supply: 6 Bar
Torque range: -100 - +100 inlb (-10 - +10 Nm)
Resolution: +/- 0,1%
Display resolution: 0,1 inlb
Measurement units: inlb, ftlb, Nm, dNm, Ncm
Every movement is fully automatised (container clamping, cap grabbing and the cap turning movement), the working forces and speeds can be adjusted in a wide range
Sample sizes: from D10mm x 20mm to D200mm x 400mm
Capable closure tipes: all kind of circular (and optionally different shaped) twist caps, child resistant caps and metallic pilver caps.
Capable container types: Any
Measurement Torque Range: 0 - 100 in-lb (11.3 Nm)
Applied Torque Range: 0 - 100 in-lb (11.3 Nm)
Temperature Range (Components): 32 - 122F (0 - 50 C)
Nominal Sensitivity: 2mV /V
Measurement Resolution: +/- 0.1 in-lb
Accuracy (Full Scale): +/- 0.2 in-lb
Transducer: 350 OHM Strain Gauge
Maximum Load, Safe (%): 150%
Calibration, Certifiable NIST Traceable Accuracy: ASTM Calibration Test Kit
Display: 1 / 16 Character Message Center
Control: 4 Multi-function Push Buttons
Power: 110 - 220VAC, 47 - 63Hz, Max 35 VA
Air: Min 80 psi
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