SmartPac SP 200 Pouching Machine

SmartPac SP 200 Sachet Packaging Machine produces 100 cycles/min making sachets from 30-200mm in width by 40-200mm in length.

Manufacturer: SmartPac

Model: SP 200

Product Code: 304127

Serial: 002/1

Year: 2011

Tags: Packaging Equipment, Form / Fill / Seal

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The SP 200 is a sachet packaging machine with servo drives for sealing and film draw-off. Free of hydraulics and optionally executed in stainless steel, this machine is best suitable for packaging of pharmaceutical, cosmetic as well as food products.

A wide range of sealing patterns and easy-opening applications, combined with adjustable sealing parameters, ensure high quality and visually appealing sachets with absolutely consistent seals.

Benefits Include:
  • high performance
  • reproducible sealing
  • precise film run
  • Print mark control
  • Splice detection
  • Flexibility fast format change
  • Servo drives for sealing and film transport
  • easy to service and maintain
  • hot fill possibility
  • Splice table for easy and fast film changes

Contour Punching Unit: S/N 002/3
(2) Capsule Feeders
S/N 002/2
Luid Dosing Unit
S/N 002/4
Change Parts and Accessories
Basic machine SP 200 consisting of:
Main frame and control cabinet painted steel it paint All product contact part in stainless steel or Teflon. Film feeding from one single role in the back Photocell for print registration
PLC control with touch screen
One mechanical clamping shaft 76 mm diameter 1 sets of contour sealing tools 4-lanes
1 set of index rollers 4-lanes
3 longitudinal cutting roller
1 horizontal cutting knife
Electromechanical drive of the sealing station
  • Provisions to be able to have auger filler and special capsule filler on the same machine.
  • Product hopper stainless steel including manifold for 4 pumps andsanitary milk thread connection or tri clamp. Not heated execution volume approx 35 litres.
  • Trolley to support hopper and pumps for liquid feeding.
  • Closing valve manual operated with electronic position control.
  • 4 Hibar pumps check valve execution micro meter screw volume adjustment and integrated speed adjustment.
  • Filling volume 3 ml 20 ml
  • 4 Hibar filling nozzles with pneumatic closing and adjustable openening gap including adjustable nozzle holder
  • Separate contour punching unit with welded steel construction PLC controlled servo index unit including printregistration rotative cutting including one cutting tool 4 upsafety guardingand waste grid wind up.
  • Code embossing with code wheels 10 digits 0-9 per sachet4-lanes
  • Steering and control devices
  • Heating element failure control
  • Splice detection in the film with stop of the feeder and automatic rejection of empty pouches
  • Seal pressure failure control
  • Vacuum pick and place for orderly sachet transfer to the discharge conveyor
  • Two speed discharge conveyor approx 3 m long
Sachet Size:
60 x 90 4-lanes
65 x 100 mm 3-lanes
51 x 51 mm 4-lanes
Liquids in 4-lanes
Powder in 3 lanes
Capsules in 4 lanes
Fill Volume:
Alcohol liquid
Powder TBD
capsules 1 8
approx. 60 - 75 cycles per minute (liquid)
approx. 240 - 300 sachets per minute
approx. 50 - 65 cycles per minute (powder)
approx. 150 - 195 sachets per minute
approx. 45 - 55 cycles per minute (capsules)
approx. 180 - 220 sachets per minute
Maximum film width: 480 mm
Maximum working width: 240 mm
Core diameter: 76 mm
Maximum film diameter: 500 mm

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