Sakura Tissue-Tek Glas 6400 Automated Coverslipper

Sakura Tissue Tek Model Glas 6400 Automated Coverslipper

Manufacturer: Sakura

Model: Glas 6400

Product Code: 200927

Serial: 64000167

Tags: Lab Equipment, Histology

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The Tissue-Tek Glas Coverslipper, with its proven performance, delivers up to 400 slides per hour. Its clever, simple design makes it easy to operate. Load up to 60 slides at one time and walk away. In just minutes, clean, bubble-free, coverslipped slides are made available for review.

Power: 115V, 1.7A, 60 Hz
Application:Histology, cytology specimens
Product Code:6400
Dimensions:Centimeters (W x D x H): 50.6 x 63.4 x 63.7
Inches (W x D x H): 20.0 x 25.0 x 25.1
Weight:69 kg (152 lb)
Maximum Output:Coverslips up to 400 slides/hour
Compatible Slide Dimensions:Millimeters (W x L x T*): 25.0-25.5 x 75.0-75.5 x 0.95-1.05
Inches (W x L x T*): 0.98-1.00 x 2.95-2.97 x 0.037-0.041
*T = Thickness
Compatible Coverglass Sizes:40 mm
50 mm
55 mm
60 mm
Compatible Coverglass Thickness:0.13-0.17 mm
Compatible Solvents:Xylene, d-limonene, and aliphatic hydrocarbon-based substitutes
Compatible Mounting Medium:Xylene, d-limonene, and aliphatic hydrocarbon-based substitutes

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