Roche Genome Sequencer FLX System

Roche 454 Sequencing Genome Sequence FLX features the unique combination of long reads, exceptional accuracy and high-throughput, making the system well suited for larger genomic projects.

Manufacturer: Roche Life Science

Model: FLX

Product Code: 204137

Serial: 10060106

Tags: Lab Equipment, Gene Sequencing

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Roche 454 Sequencing Genome Sequence FLX to uncover more of your genome, transcriptome or metagenome of interest with extended Sanger-like read lengths from the Roche 454 Sequence GS FLX System. Improvements in sequencing chemistry, instrumentation and software offer the latest in Roche 454 Sequence GS FLX System performance, with read lengths up to 1 kb.

  • Electrical: 110V, 50-60Hz
  • Includes: IBM e Server X Series 366 w/ Ubuntu Linux
454 Sequencing:
Roche 454 sequencing can sequence much longer reads than Illumina. Like Illumina, it does this by sequencing multiple reads at once by reading optical signals as bases are added.
Read Length:Up to 1,000 bp
Mode Read Length:700 bp
Throughput Profile:85% of total bases from reads gt;500 bp, 45% of total bases from reads gt;700 bp
Typical Throughput:700mb
Run Time:23 hrs
Consensus Accuracy ( E. Coli):99.997
Sequencing Depth:
Shotgun:3.5X (XLR70)
Paired Ends (3,8,20mb):2.5X (XLR70)
Total Bases: 8.02 gb
Total Bases in Assembled Contigs:969 Mb

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