ProCepT Mi-Pro Granulator Vacuum Dryer

Pro-Cept Granulator

Manufacturer: Particle Processing Equipment

Model: Mi-Pro

Product Code: 269162

Serial: 02MMP58

Year: 2002

Tags: Processing Equipment, Granulators / Mills

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The granulator is used to create wet agglomerates by high shear wet mixing of different powders. The atomizing nozzle sprays the solvent with binder or active on the powder vortex, created by the impeller and chopper. The Mi-Pro features:

  • Combination of plexi and glass for excellent process transparency
  • Monitoring and control of all critical parameters
  • Stainless steel vessels available
  • Water and organic solvents
  • Easy clean-ability and strip-down of components in minutes
  • Different vessel and motor sizes (for scale up)
  • Quick changeover
  • Unit can be used for pre-clinical and clinical applications

  • Version: BPF21CD16
  • Supply: 220V, 50HZ, 16AMPS
  • Has various drills, parts, PC tower, supplies, etc.
  • Components:
  • Buchi V-500 Vacuum Pump
    • Make: Buchi
    • Model: V-500
    • Serial #: 413358230001
    • Electrical: 230V 50hz
  • Metrohm 765 Dosimat Titrator
    • Make: Metrohm
    • Model: 765 Dosimat
    • Serial #:1217
    • Electrical:100-240V 50/60hz



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