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Glatt Powrex FM-VG-200 Vertical Granulator

The Powrex FM-VG-200 Vertical Granulator has a nominal capacity of 200 Liters.

Manufacturer: Glatt

Model: FM-VG-200

Product Code: 302536

Serial: 01VG541

Year: 2002

Tags: Processing Equipment, Granulators / Mills

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The VG series granulators allow mixing, kneading, and granulating processes in a single vessel. They are equipped with a horizontally rotating main blade at the bottom of the vessel as well as a vertically rotating high-speed cross-screw on one side above the main blade. Through adding binder to base powder and utilizing tumbling and compaction effects, you can produce particles closer to the shape of a perfect sphere or particles heavier than those granulated on a fluidized bed. The vertical granulators have been designed and manufactured to comply with the FDA, GMP, and other international requirements regarding performance, safety, and so on.


  • Produce spherical particles heavier than those granulated in a fluidized bed.
  • Reduced cleaning time thanks to high fluidity of their vessel structure and a fewer number of assembly components and parts.
  • Extremely fast and efficient mixing and granulation in a single machine at high production rates.
  • Easy operation with a fewer parameter settings.
  • Small footprint achieved by the compact body and limited space for their auxiliary equipment.

DataPlus CPU replaced in July 2012 by Glatt Air Techniques, Inc.
Nominal: 200 Liter
Effective: 130 liter

Nominal Variable Speed Range:
Blade: Approx. 2 - 200 rpm, variable by a frequency inverter
Cross Screw: Approx. 360 - 3,600 rpm, variable by a frequency inverter
The frequency inverters are contained in P/E panel designed and constructed by GAT.

Type of Blades:
Z type in 35 degree, consisting of three blades integrated into one piece
Gap between the blade and the bowl: Powrex standard
Cross Screw: Eight (8) straight-knife edged plate type assembled to corss

With side and bottom jacket
With one (1) pneumatic cylinder type discharge flat at discharge port
With one (1) product temperature detecting port with a temperature probe in Pt 100 resistance bulb

Flat type with spring balancer
One (1) exhaust air filter port
One (1) observation window with a wiper
Two (2) binder ports with one binder hopper, without binder spraying nozzle

Construction materials:
Powder contacting parts:
Metal parts: JIS SIS316L
Oil seals for the blade and the cross screw: Viton
O-rings for the discharge valve: Silicone
Lid gasket: Solid Type silicone
Exhaust filter: Polyester in conductive
Non-contacting parts:
External surfaces: JIS SIS304
Frame (support-frame): Mild steel
Machine enclosure: JIS SUS304
Elastometers: NBR

Stainless steel parts: #320 buffing
Machine frame: Primary and finishing paint coating
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