Pneumatic Scale Angelus TC 600-14 Capper

The Pneumatic Scale Angelus TC 600-14 Capper accommodates glass, metal plastic, and fiber board containers.

Manufacturer: Pneumatic Scale Angelus

Model: TC 600-14

Product Code: 307983

Serial: 7177

Year: 2009

Tags: Packaging Equipment, Cappers

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The TC Capper by Pneumatic Scales accommodates glass, metal plastic, and fiber board containers. The model TC-600-14 Capper has 14 capping heads with a maximum cap size of 89mm. Other features of the Pneumatic Scale TC Capper Include:
  • Positive container handling
  • Accurate torque control by use of magnetic torque units
  • Will not scuff or deform lightweight plastic containers
  • Handles a wide variety of screw caps, press-on caps, plugs, and overcaps
  • Sanitary, stainless steel design
  • Touch-screen operator interface
  • No-container/no-cap feature
  • Color-coded cluster lube plate identifies lubrication schedule
  • Motorized turret height adjustment

Electrical: 460V, 60Hz, 3 Phase
Includes Shibuya Hoppmann VEH25/08 Cap Elevator and Hopper: S/N 2616
Includes (2) Barry-Wehmiller Control Panels
Nominal Operating Speed (CPM): 42-420
Max. Cap Size: 89mm
Max. Container Dia. w/Grip Belts: 4.75&"
Max. Square Container w/Turret Pockets: 3.98&" x 3.98&"
No. of Capping Heads: 14
Container Pitch: 5.30&"
Starwheel and Turret Pitch Circles: 600mm

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