PerSeptive Biosystems Voyager-DE Pro BioSpectrometry Workstation

PerSeptive Biosystems Voyager DE Pro BioSpectrometry Workstation

Manufacturer: Perseptive Biosystems

Model: Voyager-DE Pro

Product Code: 206403

Serial: 6112

Year: 2009

Tags: Lab Equipment, Mass Spectrometers

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The Biosystems Workstation provides accurate mass measurement of peptides at high sensitivity, while also determining the wight of protein molecules and preforming polymer and pharmaceutical analysis.

Electrical: 100-240V, 50/60HZ, 5-10A
Part Number: 5-2437-00
13#39;#39; TV Monitor
4-position Replay Switch Box
APC 1200VX UPS Power Supply
(3) Coaxial Roughing / Foreline Traps
(1) Bertan High Voltage Power Supply
(1) box of misc tool, wires, and spare parts
Mass Accuracy:
Linear Mode, External Calibration:
  • 0.05% for angiotensin [1,296.6853] and myoglobin [16,952.5].
Reflector Mode, External Calibration:
  • 0.01% for ACTH 1839 [m/z 2,565.1989].
  • 0.01% for E. coli thioredoxin [m/z 11,674.4].
Mass Resolution:
Linear Resolution:
  • 2,500 for angiotensin (m/z 1,296).
  • 1,000 for myoglobin (m/z 16,952).
  • 80 for BSA (m/z 66,431).
Reflector Resolution:
  • 10,000 for insulin (m/z 5,734).
Reflector Mode: S/N 10 for 5 fmol of neurotensin (m/z 1,672. 918), a minor component, in a mixture of low-mass peptides.
Linear Mode: S/N 20 for 5 fmol of neurotensin (m/z 1,672. 918), a minor component, in a mixture of low mass peptides.

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