Patterson Kelley MVP Blending System

Patterson-Kelley MVP Blending System with 1 cu. ft. Shell

Manufacturer: Patterson-Kelley

Model: MVP Blending System

Product Code: 200955

Serial: C477156-1

Tags: Processing Equipment, V-blender, Mixers

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PK Multiple Vessel Blending System (M.V.P. Blending System)

The multi-functional M.V.P. solves some of the major issues facing sanitary powder processing today - containment and flexible production. The M.V.P. is a major space saver, too, since a single system provides capabilities equivalent to that of several conventional fixed station blender systems. It can accommodate vessels of varying capacities and geometries, including bins.

Max. Material Density: 62lbs/cu .ft.
Max. Vessel Size: 1 cu. ft.
Media Type: Powder or Granulator
Operating Configuration:
Mixer Type: Bin Blending
Operating Condition: Batch
Mounting: Floor mounted
Applications/ Industry: Food or Beverage Processing, Sanitary Processing
Features: Programmable

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