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Parata Max Fully Automated Robotic Dispensing Unit

Maximize efficiency, minimizer your touch tims and put safety first with the Parata Max High-Speed, Vial-Filling Robot.

Manufacturer: Parata Systems, LLC

Model: 901-0046

Product Code: A05172

Serial: 03-1014-11454

Tags: Lab Equipment, Automation

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The Parata Max is a high-speed, vial-filling robot with drug cell capacity of 128 to 228 standard cells. It's standard configuration is 148 standard cells and 40 super cells. The Parata Max can store 232 completed prescriptions before requiring attendance. Lastly, the Parata Max is 100% accurate for drug and dose when proper processes are followed by the pharmacy (99.99% accurate for drug count).

Parata Max offers the highest accuracy, speed, and output available. It's two-sided design separates inventory and dispensing and the unit will continue to run while you replenish vials, caps, and drugs. The Parata Max's low-touch operation allows unattended runs and you can easily calibrate cells on site.

Electrical: 120V, 16A, 60Hz
Environmental Conditions: 55-80F
70% Relative Humidity
Total Volume Automated: 60% on average
Drug Cell Capacity: Automates from 128 (100 super cells with 28 standard cells ) to 228 standard cells
Standard Configuration: 148 standard cells and 40 super cells
Storage Capacity: 232 completed prescriptions stored before requiring attendance
Accuracy: 100% accurate for drug and dose when proper processes are followed by the pharmacy. 99.99% accurate for drug count.
Pharmacy Software Integrations: Parata integrates with 100+ host systems
Network Requirements: Ethernet RJ-45 jack and IP addresses on local network
Power Requirements: 120V, 20A, 60Hz with one dedicated NEMA 5-20 receptacle located within 3 feet of either end of the unit or in the ceiling above the unit.
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