Muller SLDE 150/4 Drum Lift

Muller SLDE 150/4 Drum Lift

Manufacturer: NONE

Model: SLDE150/4

Product Code: 212356

Serial: 923716

Year: 1992

Tags: Processing Equipment, Lifts

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Whether in the pharmaceutical, chemical or food products industry: cost effective drum handling is one of the key factors in the process economics. It all depends on handling equipment that can display an impressive performance and exceptional quality and above all be extremely safe and reliable.

Bearing Force: 250KG
Operating Pressure: 91 Bar
Weight: 610KG
Max Load: 550lbs (250 kg)
Operating Speeds:
Raising/Lowering: 0.15 m/sec
Inverting thru 180: 14 sec.
3-Phase Power: 1.5kW / 1450 RPM, 230/400 V, 50Hz
Battery: 2 x 12V: 180Ah
Compressed Air: 6 bar

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