Mueller PyroPure Multi-effect (MES) WFI Still

Used Mueller PyroPure Multi-effect (MES) Still

Manufacturer: Mueller Biopharm Systems

Model: MES P6015-5

Product Code: 304745

Serial: 1406398

Tags: Processing Equipment, Plant Utility, Water Purification

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Mueller PyroPure multiple-effect stills (MES) are the simplest, most reliable means of producing pyrogen-free water-for-injection (WFI) that meets all U.S. Pharmacopoeia requirements. The MES is designed with efficiency in mind. Because the system recovers the latent heat of vaporization occurring within its own process to heat feedwater and uses feedwater as its primary source of cooling, the MES is an energy and money-saving model of ingenuity. Due to the absence of moving parts, the PyroPure MES requires less maintenance and is much quieter than mechanical compression stills.

Electrical: 460V, 60Hz, 14Amps, 3 Phase

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