Mott 8 FT Fume Hood Combination Sash

The Mott Combination Sash Fume Hood is designed to deliver competitive containment performance and energy efficiency.

Manufacturer: Mott Manufacturing

Model: 75F1050

Product Code: 300150

Serial: 71389-16

Year: 2016

Tags: Lab Equipment, Hoods

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The Mott Combination Sash Fume Hood is designed to deliver competitive containment performance and energy efficiency.

Designed to deliver competitive containment performance and energy efficiency. The RFV2TM operates with exhaust volumes significantly lower than conventional fume hoods. Providing the fume hood operator with a secure and reliable operation environment while providing considerablecapitalandoperatingcostsavings.SuitableforConstant AirVolume(CAV)andVariableAirVolume(VAV)requirements.

The RFV2TM bench mounted fume hood is supplied with the following standard features:
  • Excellent containment performance at low face velocities. The RFV2TM fume hood has been tested to both standard and modified ASHRAE procedures at face velocities as low as 50 fpm. Combination vertical rising and horizontal sliding sash.
  • Chain and sprocket sash counterbalance system.
  • Downflow rear baffle is biased to the bottom, drawing fumes downward away from the user and counteracts the normal upward flow of vapors.
  • Downwardly vectored upper by-pass prevents contaminated air build up behind the open sash. Supplementary mechanical fans, baffle actuators and controls not required.
  • Full viewing sash provides a clear and unobstructed side to side view of fume hood interior, with a 34 high viewing area.
  • Auto sash leveler automatically closes to the 18 height which decreases exhaust air and offers extra protection to the operator.
  • Self-lowering sash system provides a sash latch to temporarily secure the sash in the full open position for set-up and tear down operations. When the lock is freed, the sash automatically returns to the operational position.
  • Hinged powder coated, type 316 stainless steel airfoil is flush with work surface for easy cleaning. UL1805 classified and CSA certified.
  • A UL/CSA approved fluorescent light fixture complete with bulbs that provide a minimum work surfaceluminescenceof80footcandlesandacornerpostmountedUL/CSA approvedswitch. Two UL/CSA approved duplex receptacles for 120 volt service - one receptacle on each corner post.
  • Two corner posts pre-punched to accept a maximum of 4 plumbing fittings per post. Removable interior and exterior access panels.
  • Rectangular exhaust collar.

Electrical: 125V, 60Hz, 20 Amps
Includes Base Cabinet
Hood Size: 96&"
Duct Size: 3&"x36&"
CFM: 1027
SP: 0.2

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