Berger TCM-2000 and FCM-1100/1200 Fluid Control Modules

Mettler Toledo TCM-2000 Thermal Control Module and Berger FCM-1100/1200 Fluid Control Module

Manufacturer: Berger Instruments, Inc

Model: TCM-2000

Product Code: 210996

Serial: 0311T2328

Tags: Lab Equipment, Heating and Cooling

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  • Product Details
The Berger TCM-2000 Thermal Control Modules stirred air bath design assures accurate temperature control with your analytical SFC. The controlled temperature ranges from ambient +7 C to 150 C. Cryogenic cooling using liquid CO2 allows subambient operation extending the temperature range down to -50 C.

Berger FCM-1100/1200
S/N 0401F2340
Electrical forboth: 120VAC, 50/60HZ

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