McBrady Model 40 Exterior Vial Washer/Dryer

McBrady Model 40 Exterior Vial Washer/Dryer

Manufacturer: McBrady Engineering

Model: 40

Product Code: 210258

Serial: VW40-118

Year: 7/5/2000

Tags: Lab Equipment, Sterilizers and Washers

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The Model #40 is designed to provide the most advanced outside vial cleaning, rinsing and drying possible. Features no cap wetting, no change parts, tool-less changeover (only for the single pass machine), simple design, high vial visibility and 500 vpm. Different models to choose from with multiple pass design of 1, 2, 3, 6 and 8 passes with choice of rinse sequence. Specifications: Model 40 width (a) 24? length (b) 6-10? speed (c) up to 100+ vpm (based on vial size) Features: no change parts compact split conveyors automatic speed adjustment low profile design stainless steel construction full visibility

Includes: Rollable Rack with various ML change parts (Dims: 44x46x59)
Specifications: smodel width(a) speed 4 pass 24" 48" up to 150vpm 6 pass 32" 48" up to 250vpm 8 pass 43" 58" up to 350vpm 10 pass 54" 68" up to 500vpm Features/Options: multiple rinse/dry passes "bone" dry vials cascade rinse liquids vial bottom rinsing and drying optional infeed and discharge disk

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