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MAR Liquid Filling and Capping Line for Spray Pump Bottles

Used MAR Liquid Filling and Capping Line for Spray Pump Bottles for sale. SSLLC offers a wide selection of used Complete Lines for your packaging equipment needs.

Manufacturer: Machine Automache Riempitrici (MAR)

Product Code: 305503

Tags: Packaging Equipment, Liquid Fillers, Complete Lines

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Used MAR Liquid Filling and Capping Line for Spray Pump Bottles for sale. SSLLC offers a wide selection of used Complete Lines for your packaging equipment needs.

The M.A.R. M33 unit is specifically designed for bottle blowing operations. Bottles are fed on a turntable and then transferred to the blowing wheel entrance, placed in a vertical position relative to the turntable. This wheel rotates inverting the bottle. Bottle cleaning operations are carried out during the vertical rotation for a fixed time. The bottles return into a vertical position to bottle exit. Achievable speed is up to 60 bottles/minute based on 50 ml. bottles.

The M.A.R. M19 is a single pitch intermittent motion monobloc machine, for filling operations on star-wheel or in-line (on infeed conveyor, bottle stop under filling nozzle). Suitable to handle a wide range of liquid products and relevant closures (screw-caps, snap-on cap, PFP cap, spray pumps etc). The monoblock solution with filling on star-wheel can run with 1-2-4 filling pumps in stainless steel or ceramic, according to required production speeds. The monoblock solution with linear filling can run with 2-4-6 filling pumps in stainless steel or ceramic.Use the M19 for dosing and closing glass bottles in single pitch monoblock machine for glass vial filling and capping in sterile rooms.Model M19 (linear or on star-wheel) for production from 60 to 100 pcs/minute.This M.A.R. model is ideally suited to the production of products such as parenteral, ophthalmics as well as syrups and nasal sprays, etc., and it can be installed under isolator technology.

The M.A.R. MC1 is a stand-alone machine used for capping operations only, intermittent motion and continuous motion, handling several types of closing elements. Glass, plastic and shaped bottles, several closures (press-on caps, screw-caps, PFP caps, nasal spray pumps, dispensers, etc.). With the MAR MC1 the aluminium cap is taken by the vial itself upon its passage under the feeding chute. Sealing operations made by rotating head. Operational speed: 60 pieces/minute.

TheM.A.R. MTR Turntables for bottle feeding and accumulation. This MTR accumulation table is 39 inches.

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  • Model: M33
  • Serial Number: 024
  • Year: 2008
  • CE marked
  • Air Requirement: 6 BAR
  • 230V; 60Hz
  • 36 Inch Diameter Rotary Table
  • Loading Tray
  • Integrated Bottle Air Rinse
  • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 700 OI
  • Lift Up Safety Guards with Interlocks

    Monoblock Filler Plugger Crimp Capper
  • Model: M19-4R/9TS/1PV
  • Serial Number: 362
  • CE Marked
  • Year: 1995
  • Air Requirement: 6 BAR
  • 230V; 60 Hz
  • Unit was used to fill and place an aerosol pump and then crimp that pump to bottle
  • Four station piston filler
  • Rotary style valve placement with vibratory bowl feed
  • Single Head Crimping Station
  • Includes (5) sets of filling pistons: Two sets are 10 cc and Three sets are for 50 cc
  • Includes (2) Vibratory Bowls

    Monoblock Plugger Capper
  • Model: MC-9TS-9TS
  • Serial Number: 388
  • CE Marked
  • Year: 2008
  • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 1000 OI
  • First rotary head fed by vibratory bowl
  • Second rotary head fed by vibratory bowl
  • 230V; 60Hz

    Induction Sealer
  • Model: IRS
  • Serial Number: 80822\C.3551\08
  • Year: 2008
  • CE Marked
  • Maximum Cap Width: 50 mm
  • Pancake style sealing head
  • Push button lift and lower for sealing head height
  • Includes 77&" long x 2&" wide through conveyor

    Single Head Retorquer
  • Model: MC/1PV
  • Serial Number: 389
  • Year: 2008
  • CE Marked
  • 6 BAR
  • 230V; 60Hz
  • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 1000 OI
  • Servo driven torquing head

    Rotary Accumulation Table
  • Model: MTR/4
  • Serial Number: 583
  • Year: 2008
  • CE Marked
  • 230V; 60Hz
  • Stainless Steel
  • 39 Inch Diameter
  • Fixed Speed
  • Includes 42 Inch Conveyor Infeed
  • Collection Tray

    Includes Boxes of Various Change Parts
Additional Pictures Available Here
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