Malvern Mastersizer 2000 Particle Size Analyzer

The Mastersizer 2000 measures the distribution of different size particles within a sample.

Manufacturer: Malvern Instruments Ltd

Model: APA2000

Product Code: 304130

Serial: MAL102157

Year: 2006

Tags: Lab Equipment, Analyzers

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The Mastersizer 2000 measures the distribution of different size particles within a sample. The Mastersizer uses the optical bench to capture the actual scattering pattern from a field of particles then calculates the size of the particles that created that pattern.

There are three distinct procedures in measuring a sample on the Mastersizer:
1. The sample is prepared and dispersed to the correct concentration and then delivered to the optical bench. This is the purpose of the sample dispersion units. Sample preparation is the most important stage of making a measurement. Remember that, if the sample is poorly prepared (unrepresentative or badly dispersed) then the basic data will be incorrect; no amount of analysis of this data will give a correct answer.
2. The capturing of the scattering pattern from the prepared sample - this is known as the measurement. This is the function of the optical bench. The detector array within the optical bench is made up of many individual detectors. Each detector collects the light scattering from a particular range of angles.
3. Once the measurement is complete, the raw data from it is analysed by the Malvern software using one of the theories mentioned above. Once the data has been analysed the information can be displayed in various ways.

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