Luwa Corporation QJ-230 Marumerizer

Luwa Corporation QJ-230 Marumerizer provides researchers and new product developers a means to easily evaluate the effectiveness of spheronization on their extruded products.

Manufacturer: Luwa Corporation

Model: QJ-230

Product Code: 213079

Serial: 18219

Year: 1987

Tags: Processing Equipment, Extruder / Spheronizers

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Design and operational simplicity. Allows easy, reliable production of particles with desired shape, batchwise or continuously.
Process controllability. Final granule shape is determined by formulation, rotational speed and spheronizing time.
Easy maintenance. Engineered for quick and simple disassembly for maintenance and cleaning.
Adaptability. The Marumerizer can be incorporated into most granulation systems.
316 stainless steel construction for components in contact with process materials.

Electrical: 208-600V, 60HZ, 3PH, 7.5-10HP
Includes: (2) covers, (2) grooved plates, and(1) solid plate, and key for Control Panel


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