Korsch PH 100/6 6 Station Tablet Press

Korsch Model PH 100/6 6 Station RD Tablet Press

Manufacturer: Korsch

Model: PH 100/6

Product Code: 202851

Serial: K1100041

Tags: Processing Equipment, Tablet Presses

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Features of the Korsch PH 100 Tablet Press:
  • Open gravity feeder
  • Hydraulic force overload system
  • Full instrumentation (pre-compression, main compression, ejection).
  • Ideal or small product quantities

Computer System
Power Cabinet

Unused Genuine Parts from Korsch Included:
Hard Drive for Touchscreen
Main Motor Relay
SLC-500 Rack and Power Supply
Couplings, connectors, nuts, screwsetc
Switches and Relays
Wire Terminals and Wiring
Pneumatic solenoid, filters, valves connectors, tubing etc
6 Stations
Max Tablet Diam: 15mm
Max Tablet Output: 32,400
Compression force: 0-40 kN
Filling Depth: 0-15mm
Max Tablet Thickness 7mm
Max Tablet Diam: 25mm
Rotor Speed: 15-90rpm
Tooling: 2mm, 1.5mm, .5in, 4.5mm and Blanks

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