Key International KG-5 Bench Top High Shear Granulator

Key International KG-5 High Shear Mixer a bench top high shear granulator/mixer. This unit is ideal for RD laboratory usage for the processing of small batches and has the flexibility for scale up.

Manufacturer: Key International

Model: KG-5

Product Code: 207598

Serial: KG5 JI3432

Tags: Processing Equipment, High Shear Mixers

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The KG-5 is a cost effective, state-of-the-art, bench top granulator/mixer. Because it offers ease of use, excellent operational flexibility, and is patterned after pilot and production units, it is unsurpassed for determining process feasibility in the laboratory.

The KG-5 offers superior capability, flexibility, and service life as compared to commercial food processor and blender type units. It is better suited to the processing of small batch sizes of expensive and/or scarce material than larger, multi-purpose units.

Total Volume (less displacement of Impeller and Chopper): 3.93 Liter
Working Volume (60%): 2.4L
Five (5) liter total volume with approximately 2.4 liter working capacity
Stainless steel construction
High visibility clear impact resistant cover
Stainless steel three (3) blade design, mirror polished
Step-less variable speed 0-750 RPM

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