Kaye LTR-140 Low Temperature Calibration Reference

Kaye LTR-140 Uniform Dry Well designed for portability, moderate cost, and ease of operation.

Manufacturer: Kaye

Model: LTR-140

Product Code: 213244

Serial: A28693H

Tags: Lab Equipment, Lab Miscellaneous

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The Kaye Low Temperature References (LTR 25/140 and LTR 40/140) provide a stable, portable temperature reference for performing thermocouple calibration.

The LTR has the ability to rapidly heat and cool, making it an ideal instrument for performing multiple-point calibrations for a variety of processes, such as freeze dryer, cold rooms, incubators and steam sterilizers.

Electrical: 110-230V, 300W, 50-60Hz
(6) Thermo couples
Carrying Case
Kaye Intelligent RTD Temperature Probe
Model: M2810
Serial #: C0604
Includes Kaye Calibration Interface
(1) Temperature Probe
Dvi Cord
(2) Keys
Power Cord
Range - 180-420C
Accuracy +/- 0.025C

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