Johanson Hopper Indicizer System

The Johanson Indicizer System accurately calculates the essential material flow properties automatically and within minutes.

Manufacturer: Johanson

Model: Hopper Indicizer

Product Code: 204102

Serial: HOP-21S

Tags: Lab Equipment, Tablet Testing

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Measures the Flow Rate, Bin Density, Feed Density and Springback Indices.

The Flow Rate Index (FRI)
FRI is the maximum solids flow rate expected after deaeration of a powder in the bin. FRI predicts limiting feed rates from hopper outlets, fluidization and air current segregation potential, flushing potential, deaeration time in containers, press rate limits, capping tendencies and capsule fill rate limits. In general a higher FRI indicates better flowability. A smaller FRI indicates increased variability in tablet weight and an increased tendency for tablet capping. The FRI is also useful for correlating particle sizes, and size distribution if the mean particle size remains constant. A lower FRI indicates a smaller particle size or a wider size distribution if the mean size remains unchanged.

The Feeder Density Index (FDI)
FDI is a measure of a powders density at the outlet. FDI predicts feeder gravimetric rates and when compared with BDI, gives the range of densities possible witin typical processes. There is no positive or negative direction for the FDI; however, it is useful to note that as the FDI decreases, feeder speeds need to increase to provide the same gravimetric rate. As the FDI increases, the particle-specific gravity is also likely increasing. If the particle-specific gravity is constant (e.g. the same chemical composition), then the increase is associated with a wider particle size distribution or a less cohesive powder.

The Bin Density Index (BDI)
BDI is a measure of a powders density in a container. It is also useful in predicting bin gravimetric capacity and loads on bin walls. As with the FDI, there is no definite negative direction associated with the BDI. The trends predicted are similar to the FDI, except this index has little sensitivity to variations in powder cohesion, and a decrease in the BDI means the bin or hopper will hold less weight.

The Springback Index (SBI)
SBI is the percentage springback after consolidation. SBI predicts special hang-up problems related to elastic windup. Any value less than 3 is insignificant.

Electrical: 110V, 60Hz
  • Time per test: 3 minutes
  • Dimensions: 31.75" H x 12"W x 17.25"D
  • Weight: Approximately 55 lbs

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