IMA Matic 120 Capsule Machine

IMA Matic 120 Capsule Filling Machine with Size 0 and 00 Change Parts

Manufacturer: IMA

Model: Matic 120

Product Code: 104959

Serial: 2210

Year: 1995

Tags: Processing Equipment, Capsule Machines

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The IMA 120 Matic high speed capsule filler with computerized weight checker. This machine is equipped with parts to fill capsule size 0 and 00. The IMA Matic 120 capsule filler was built for manufacturers that are filling hard gelatin capsules. The Matic 120 is capable of filling capsule products such as:
Powder (including micronized)
Granular Products

The IMA Matic 120 is a continuous movement capsule filling machine with a central stage that rotates at 50 RPM's clockwise from its own axis, transporting the capsule to 30 operative stations.

Power Requirements: V-220, ATM-7, KW-8,5, A-35,Hz-60
Capsules size 0 and 00 (includes both size sets of change parts)
Continuous Motion Machine
Capsule Sizes: 000 - 5
Output: 120,000 capsules per hour
40 Dosers

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