Stokes BB2 35 Station Tri Layer Tablet Press

Stokes Model BB2 35 Station Tri-Layer Tablet Press Remanufactured By Natoli

Manufacturer: Stokes

Model: BB2

Product Code: 201226

Serial: T39265

Tags: Processing Equipment, Tablet Presses

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Refurbished by Natoli: Jan. 2005
Power:460V, 60Hz, 3Ph
Max FLA 12 Amps
Interrupting Current Rating 100 Ka
Drive Specifications
Horsepower: 3
Motor RPM: 1,800
Speed Range, Tablets/minute: 400 to 1,600

Variable Frequency Drive that is remotely controlled by a SS pushbutton control box. Allows the user to change speeds easier and know exactly how fast the machine is running. Push Buttons are: Start, Stop, EStop, Increase Speed and Decrease Press Speed. Part of the enclosure is a digital tachometer for press speed feedback.

*Extra set of 1/4" fill cams furnished loose with machine

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Operating Specifications
Number of Stations: 35
Production Rates (TPH) 96000
Fill Depth 1st stage (mm) 0-11 or 0-17
Fill Depth 2nd Stage (mm) 3 to 9.5
Fill Depth 3rd Stage (mm) 3 to 9.5
Pressure 1st Stage (tons) 0-0.3kg
Pressure 2nd Stage (Tons) 0-0.3kg
Pressure 3rd Stage (Tons) 1-1/2-4 kg
Maximum Tablet Diameter: 5/8"
Maximum Tablet Thickness: 11/32"
Operating Pressure (Std. Spring): 1-1/2 to 4 tons
Operating Pressure (Light Spring): 0 to 1-1/2 tons
Die Diameter: 1-1875"
Punch Shank Diameter: .748"
Hopper Capacity: 870 cu. in.
Dust Suction Nozzle (No. and size): 3 1-1/4" IPS

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