Unused 100 Gallon DCI Receiver

Unused 100 Gallon DCI Receiver with 316L stainless steel construction, 30 diame

Manufacturer: DCI, Inc

Model: 100 Gallon

Product Code: 155456

Serial: JS3298

Year: 2006

Tags: Processing Equipment, Reactors - Stainless, Reactors

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  • Product Details
Unused 100 Gallon DCI Receiver
Unit installed and run cleaning solutions however never put into production.
National Board #: 6308
316L stainless steel construction
30" diameter x 30" straight side, dish top and bottom
Rated 50 psi and full vacuum at 300 f internal
6" top hand hole
4", 3", 2", (6) 1.5" top nozzles
3)( 2" side nozzles
2" bottom outlet
Skirt mounted with stainless steel sheathing over insulation.

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