Hoppmann Rotary Labeling System

Used 12 Station Hoppmann 540-12-CW Rotary labeling system

Manufacturer: Hoppmann

Model: 540-12-CW

Product Code: 230004

Tags: Packaging Equipment, Labelers

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• Manufacturer: Shibuya Hoppman
lt;br /gt; • Model: 540-12-CW-3H
lt;br /gt; • System includes a spare headlt;br /gt; lt;br /gt; • 15mm Diameter Turret, 12 Station, 3 heads, Clockwiselt;br /gt; lt;br /gt; •

Detailed Information:
Shibuya Hoppmann’s fully synchronized rotary labeling systems are designed to exceed customers expectations in even the most demanding production environments.
The conveyor, infeed and discharge transfer wheels along with the timing infeed screws are system and matched throughout all speed ranges.
The unique configuration of the M3 allows for maximum flexibility with minimal changeover time.
This system can apply labels to a container in wraparound, wipe-on or front and back modes in the same turret.

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