Glatt Vertical Granulator FM-VG-25 in Howorth Isolator

Used Glatt Vertical Granulator FM-VG-25 with all contact parts contained in Howorth Isolator

Manufacturer: Glatt

Model: FM-VG-25

Product Code: 202200

Serial: 963386

Year: 1997

Tags: Processing Equipment, High Shear Mixers

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  • Product Details

Power: 460V, 60Hz
Capacity: 15L
Blade Power: 3.7 kW
Blade Speed: 60 - 500RPM
Cross Screw Power: 1.5 kW
Cross Screw Speed: 360 - 3600RPM

Howarth Isolator
Make: Howorth
Model: Isolator
Serial#: 04123/3
Year: 2006
Dimensions (L x D x H):
Main Chamber: 42in. X 44in. x 36in.
Side area of main chamber: 19in. x 22in. x 36in.
Lower Chamber: 37in. x 21.5in. x 26in.
Airlock: 18.5in. x 18in. x 18.5in.
All contact parts are contained within Howorth Isolator.

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