Glatt GPCG 1 Fluid Bed Dryer

Glatt GPCG 1 Fluid Bed Dryer with Wurster, Roto-Granulator, and Spray Insert

Manufacturer: Glatt

Model: GPCG 1

Product Code: 132725

Serial: 5228

Year: 1990

Tags: Processing Equipment, Fluid Bed Dryers

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Glatt GPCG 1 Fluid Bed Dryer:
From demanding powder coating to simple drying whether granulation / agglomeration, particle coating or pelletizing whether the spraying nozzle is at the top (top spray), at the bottom (bottom spray) or at the side (tangential spray): with a GPCG, anything is possible

Fan Capacity: 2.2 kW
RPM: 3600
Voltage: 3 x 220v
Control Voltage: 220v
Cycles: 60Hz
Heating Capacity Electric: 3.96 kW
Compressed Air Pressure: 6 Bar

Spray Granulation and Wurster Inserts

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