GEA Westfalia Whisperfuge Separator, Model CTC1-06-107

GEA Westfalia Whisperfuge Separator, Model CTC1-06-107

Manufacturer: GEA

Model: WhisperFuge

Product Code: 206696

Serial: 9033-346 / 7316

Year: 2005

Tags: Processing Equipment, Centrifuges

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  • Product Details
The separating centrifugal separator is a machine in which two liquids of different densities are separated from each other. Solids may also be separated at the same time.

The Whisperfuge clarifier is a bench top lab centrifuge, ideal for 2 liter to 20 liter fermenters. Though small (its footprint is only 12" x 20") it delivers impressive clarification and G-forces for processes involving microbial separation, mammalian cells, vaccines and enzymes. Its compact size makes for easy installation, and it is a very low maintenance machine. Yet it provides accurate scale up to larger units.

  • Electrical: 115V, 1 PH, 60HZ, 15FLA, 1.0 Largest HP, 12,000 RPM
  • Includes: Westfalia Separator Centrifuge Controller

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