GE AKTA Bioprocess System

GE Healthcare Bioprocess System Model BM-3100

Manufacturer: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Model: BM-3100

Product Code: 203815

Serial: 2435

Tags: Processing Equipment, Chromatography Columns

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Electrical: 208V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 3.8/10A, 1.5Kw
System Specifications:
Max System Pressure: 3 bar g (43.5 psi)
Min Flow Rate: 7.5 l/h
Max Flow Rate: 1400 l/h
Max Process Temp: 60C (1 hour max)
Air Supply min-max: 6 - 10 bar g (87- 145 psi)
Dimensions: 63"W x 44"D x 83.5"H, 1320 lbs
Functional Type: Buffer preparation
Cabinet Layout: Cage
Min. Flow Rate: 7.5/60Max. Flow Rate: 1400Flow unit: l/h
Min. Flow Rate B: 0.125/1.0Max. Flow Rate: 20Flow unit B: l/min
Max. Operating pressure: 3 bar (44 psi g)
Ambient Temperature: 2 30Operating Temperature: 2 - 60
No. of Inlets A: 4No. of Inlets B: 2No. of Inlets C: 2 x CIP in
No. of outlets: 4 + 2 x CIP out
Dimensions suction side: ID 20,4mmDimensions pressure side: ID 20,4mm
Piping Material: PolupropyleneSealing material: Silicone Pt-stabilised
Steamable: NoCIP Automated: Yes

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