Gabler R-250 Spheronizer

Gabler R-250 Spheronizer, to transform rope-like extrudates into spheres (pellets)

Manufacturer: Gabler GmbH & Co.

Model: R-250

Product Code: 211798

Serial: 13040

Year: 2007

Tags: Processing Equipment, Extruder / Spheronizers

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  • Product Details

Spheronizer R-250

  • To transform rope-like extrudates into spheres (pellets)
  • Aspinning spheronization disc on the bottom, causes the extrudates to move outwards to the barrel wall. The rolling motion transforms extrudated into spheres.
  • Batch size: 0,15 - 0,6 kg

Electrical: 230V, 50Hz, 3A, 690VA
316L Stainless steel contact surfaces
250mm diameter disk
.1 - .8 kg batch size range
Bench top design

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