Epigentek EpiSonic S-4000 Multi-Functional Bioprocessor

Epigentek Episonic S-4000 Multi Functional Bioprocessor an effective shearing device for preparing chromatin samples in the chromatin immunoprecipitation technique, as well as for library preparation of DNA for next-generation sequencing platforms.

Manufacturer: Epigentek Group Inc.

Model: S-4000

Product Code: 204459

Tags: Lab Equipment, Analyzers

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  • Product Details
Electrical: 100-120/220/240V, 50-60Hz, 7/3.5A, 600W

Touch Screen Control
High Degree of Precision
Multi-Sample Processing: process up to 12 samples optimally with standard 0.2 ml PCR single tubes or up to 96 samples with 96-well PCR plates

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