Eclipse AutoTite Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve

Eclipse Series 2000 Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve

Manufacturer: Eclipse

Model: 2000AT

Product Code: 206578

Serial: T879864

Tags: Lab Equipment, Lab Miscellaneous

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  • Product Details
The Eclipse AutoTite Series 2000AT valve is designed to be an automatic gas supply shut-off to a combustion system. The valve has a 30 psi (2 bra) differential pressure rating and opens smoothly, minimizing any gas pressure surge to downstream components. When either an interlocking switch in the system opens or electrical power fails, the valve closes within one second.

Eclipse Series 2000 Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve
  • Make: Eclipse
  • Model: Series 2000 Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve
  • Serial #: T879864
  • Electrical: 120V, 60HZ, 13.0A

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