DT Kalish Tablet and Capsule Packaging Line

DT Kalish Tablet and Capsule Packaging Line

Manufacturer: IMA

Product Code: 211748

Tags: Packaging Equipment, Complete Lines

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DT Kalish Tablet and Capsule Packaging Line

Line Consists of:
Palace Bottle unscrambler
Model: P-2-H
S/N: 3628
DT Kalish 6580 Desiccant Inserter
Model: 6580
S/N: 803317
120V, 60Hz, 1PH
IMA Swiftpack 12 Lane Counter
Model SV2 OPT
S/N: M5231
Year 2008
110V, 1PH, 60HZ
Swiftpack S Lift
Model: S LIFT
S/N: M3291
120V, 60HZ, 1PH
Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed Checkweigher
Model: RX2
S/N: 320421
DT Kalish 8440 Cottoner
Model: 8440
S/N: 0249
120V, 60HZ, 1PH
DT Kalish StarCap Plus
Model: 5122
S/N: 0004
Year: 2002
110V, 60HZ,1PH
Pillar UNIFOILER induction sealer
Model: UNIFOILER U2P1702000006
Order Number: 62958-1
Year: 2011
DT Kalish TORQITRetorquer
S/N: 0073

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