Capsugel Xcelodose 120 Capsule Filler

Capsugel Xcelodose 120 Capsule Filler a semi-automatic precision powder micro-dosing for filling capsules or other compact dose containers.

Manufacturer: Capsugel

Model: Xcelodose 120

Product Code: 270729

Serial: 120-1-011

Tags: Packaging Equipment, Powder Fillers, Capsule Machines

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  • Product Details
Capsugel Xcelodose 120 Capsule Fillerallowing you to precisely, accurately and repeatedly fill capsules and other small dose containers without excipients or bulking agents. Most blends, or formulated products, can also be filled without segregation.

Sartorious balance
Size 00,0,1,2,3 and 4 size changeparts
Year 2007

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