Capmatic Patriot Filling Plugging Capping Line

The Capmatic FPC-211 can handle pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical products.

Manufacturer: Capmatic Ltd.

Model: Capmatic FPC-211

Product Code: 302210

Serial: PA94030094

Year: 1994

Tags: Processing Equipment, Vial Filling

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The Patriot system is a single-indexing multi-station platform that can be configured to handle several types of applications. The machine is designed to work with free-standing containers or with the use of a puck system. This multi-station monoblock can be equipped with a variety of filling and dosing systems, a choice of plugging and/or capping station, torquing and/or crimping solution.

The Patriots low profile design is easy to clean and maintain to comply with cGMP guidelines and regulations. Removable stainless steel doors on the front and back of the machine provides quick access to internal components and electrical controls


Electrical: 220V, 60Hz, 20 Amps, 3 PH

Current Set-Up/Previous Use:
This machine was filling, capping and labeling :
12ml plastic bottles with screw caps
30ml plastic bottles with screw caps
4 ounce plastic bottles with screw caps
Speed 20-50 bpm
Diameter of Bottle: Min 06mm, Max 55mm
Height of Bottle : Min 25mm, Max 150 mm
Filling Quantity : Min 1 ml, Max 250 ml
Dimensions: 96 long x52 wide x75 high
Approx. 2000lbs

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