Used Bruker S2 PICOFOX

Manufacturer: Bruker Corporation

Model: ixtube-Mo-30

Product Code: A07000

Serial: 2001019

Year: 2015

Tags: Lab Equipment, Analyzers

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The S2 PICOFOX is independent of liquid nitrogen and cooling water. With a maximum power consumption of only 180 watts the compact, portable TXRF spectrometer is especially suited for mobile applications.

It features:
  • Compact, air-cooled micro focus X-ray tube with metal-ceramics technology
  • Multilayer X-ray optics for beam focusing and monochromatization

Use the Bruker S2 PICOFOX for these application fields:
Trace elements in river, lake and sea water
  • Toxicological analysis of blood and urine
  • Monitoring of cancer medication in blood
  • Quality and origin control and of wine
  • Elemental composition of nanoparticles
  • Fast wipe tests for contamination control

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