Biacore S51 SPR Analyzer

GE BiacoreS51 SPR system was specifically designed for the high quality analysis of small molecule binding interactions.

Manufacturer: Biacore

Model: BR-1100-51

Product Code: 303679

Serial: 33-1120894-10132

Tags: Lab Equipment, Analyzers

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GE BiacoreS51 SPRsystem was specifically designed for the high quality analysis of small molecule binding interactions. The S51 provides critical data that can increase the efficiency of the hit-to-Iead process:
  • Rapid single-point confirmatory screening
  • Comprehensive kinetic characterization of small molecule: target interactions
  • Detailed target and site specificity studier
  • Early in-vitro ADME studies
  • Kinetics-based SAR/QSAR lead optimization
TheGE Biacore S51combines the advantages ofSurface Plasmon resonance (SPR)detection with advanced instrument and software design for enhanced throughput, flexibility and data quality. This results in a system able to match the majority of HTS (High Throughput Screening) outputs and provide high quality prioritization data for a broad range of target classes, including proteins, receptors, kinases, phosphatases, proteases, other proteins and nucleic acids.

Electrical: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 6.3 Amps

Information provided

Kinetic and affinity data (KD, ka, ka, R50), binding level ranking, association and dissociation level ranking, binding level vs. stability (binding strength), specificity

Data presentation

Result tables, result plots and real time monitoring of interactions


Typically 200 samples/24 hours (Hit Selection)


24 hour unattended operation

Sample type

Low or high molecular weight compounds, e.g. in DMSO containing buttere.

Molecular weight detection

>100 Da (ligand and analytes dependent)

Sample concentration

Sub nM to mM sample concentrations

Required sample volume per analysis

30 - 370 l (application dependent)

Vial dead volume

10 l (for microplates supplied by Biacore)

Target protein consumption

Typically 5-20 g per immobilization

Compound consumption

Typically 1 - 5 g per determination

Assay flow rate

10, 30 or 90 l/min

Sample/reagent capacity

One 384 well or one 96 well microplate + 33 reagent vials + 2 reagent bottles

Analysis temperature

4 - 45 C (maximum 20 C below ambient)

Sample temperature

From ambient temperature to 35 C

Sample refractive index range

1.33.- 1.40

in-Iine reference subtraction


Typical working ranges, kinetics:

Association rate constant (ka) Up to 5 x 106 M-1s-1 (and higher for macromolecular analytes)

Dissociation rate constant (kd) 10-4-1 s-1 (dissociation time limited to 1000 s)Affinity (KD from kd/ka)

Typically 100 M - 10 pM (analyte and target dependent)

Flow cell configuration

Two flow cells, each with two independent detection spots and an in-line reference

Baseline noise

Typically <0.1 RU (RMS)

Baseline drift

Typically <0.3 RU/min in ambient temperature range 15.35 C

Dimensions (footprint, excluding System Controller)

600 x 620 x 690 mm (W x D x H)


62 kg (137 Ibs)


100 - 240 V AC, 50.60 Hz,

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