Beckman JA-25.50 Fixed Angle Rotor

Beckman JA-25.50 Rotor for major applications in harvesting bacteria, processing tissue homogenates, subcellular particulates, routine pelleting such as precipitates and phase separations.

Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter

Model: JA-25.50

Product Code: 204204

Serial: 01 E 5070

Tags: Lab Equipment, Centrifuge Rotors

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The JA-25.50 fixed angle rotor, rated for 25 000 rpm, is designed to hold up to eight 50mL tubes at a 34 degree angle. Used in Beckman Coulter Avanti J and J2 Series centrifuges, the JA-25.50 rotor developes centrifugal forces that can efficiently pellet cells from large volumes, or cell particles from tissue homogenates.

Type: Fixed Angle
Capacity: 8 x 50mL Tubes
Speed: 25,000 RPM Max

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