Beckman Coulter Biomek FX Automated Liquid Handler

The Beckman Coulter Biomek FX Automated Liquid Handler is a complete system built to handle just about any automation need your lab may have.

Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter

Model: Biomek FX

Product Code: 304075

Serial: 5012123

Tags: Lab Equipment, Liquid Handling

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With its large deck capacity, the Biomek FX sets the standard for flexible laboratory solutions to accommodate ever-changing demands. It puts every aspect of liquid handling including pipetting, dilution, dispensing and integration into a single, automated system that is powerful and flexible.

This liquid handling robot has a large deck capacity, a 360-rotating gripper, disposable tip loader, 96 channel head, a span8 channel head featuring independent well access for tube-based operations and where flexible access to wells in a plate is needed. The open architecture of this Automated Liquid Handler allows for the integration of plate washers, readers, and labware storage devices, like the included cytomat 2 workstation, cyto hotel and cytomat incubators.

Electrical: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 4 Amps
384 Channel
Includes (2) FX Device Controllers: (Electrical: 250V, 6.3 Amps) Includes IBM Thinkcentre CPU with Windows XP
Includes Dell Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse
Includes Portable Cart
Workstation weight: 275 lbs
Pipetting options: multiple
Dimensions (height): With canopy 140 cm (55 in);
Dimensions (width): With canopy: 152 cm (60 in)
Dimensions (depth): With canopy: 82 cm (32 in)
Power requirements: 50/60 Hz; 100-240 VAC
Pneumatic Requirements:
Air Pressure: 40 - 100 psi of compressed air 275 - 690 kPa of compressed air
Air Flow: 2.25 cfm @ 40 psi 0.064 cu m/min @ 275 kPaSystem
Fluid Requirements:
De-ionized or distilled water
Ambient operating temperature is 59-86F (15-30C).
System Fluid should be degassed for 24 hours prior to use.
Ambient Operating Temperature: 5-30C (41-86F)
Humidity Restrictions: Altitude Restrictions: up to 2000m (6562ft
Pollution Degree: 2
Sound Pressure Level: Maximum sound pressure: 79 dBMaximum sound pressure at 1 meter: 76 dB

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