B. Braun BIOSTAT C-DCU 30 Liter Bioreactor

B. Braun BIOSTAT C-DCU 30 Liter Bioreactor is a compact laboratory-scale fermentor system, that can be sterilized automatically

Manufacturer: B. Braun

Model: Biostat C

Product Code: 211813

Serial: 2007571

Year: 2000

Tags: Lab Equipment, Bioreactors/Fermenters

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The Biostat C-DCU ist a compact laboratory scale fermentor with in-situ sterilizable culture vessels up to 30 l working volume, the Biostat CDCU supports both microbial and cell culture applications.

The main components are:
  • Supply unit in an open stainless stell frame to support the piping and the vessel
  • Stainless steel culture vessel, in-situ sterilizable
  • Control cabinet
  • Digital measurement and control system DCU3
The BIOSTAT C-DCU-3 can be used for batch and continuous processes and is completely equipped with the measurement and control systems for temperature, agitation, pH-value, pO2-Value, airflow, foam control, high foam alarm and level control.

  • Reactor mounted on Casters with Built in Load Cells
  • Includes Biostat DCU-3 Controller SN:03355/00
  • Biostat C Type 8846162 ,SN: 00130/00
  • B. Braun Gas mixing module SN17800
  • All pictured Probes and accessories
  • Manual Included

Vessel Info:
  • MFG: Precision Stainless
  • SN:200767-1
  • National Board No. 8820
  • MAWP: 50 PSI AT 300F
  • MAWV: 15PSI AT 300F
  • MDMT: -20F AT 50 PSI
  • MAT#39;L: 316L SS
  • Shell .187in
  • Head 1.00/.187 in
  • MAWP: 60 PSI AT 300F
  • MAWV: 15PSI AT 300F
  • MDMT: -20F AT 60 PSI
  • MAT#39;L: 304L SS
  • Shell: 12 GA.
Culture Vessel Type: C30-2
Working Volume: 30
Total Volume: 42
H : D Ration: 2,2:1
Top Plate Ports: 9
Upper Side Entry Ports: 3
Lower Side Entry Ports: 5
Bottom Ports: 1
Operating Pressure/Max. Operating Temperature
Interior Vessel -1 / +3 bar (-14.5 / + 43.5 psig), 150C
Jacket -1 / +4 bar (-14.5 / +58 psig), 150C
Test pressure of vessel 5,2 bar (75.4 psig), of jacket 6,5 bar (94.3 psig)

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