Autodose Powdernium MTM Unit Robotic Handler

Autodose Powdernium MTM 130S

Manufacturer: AutoDose

Model: Powdernmium MTM 130S

Product Code: 214401

Serial: MTM 2002.112

Tags: Lab Equipment, Automation

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The AutoDoses Powdernium MTM Unit is a precision computer controlled robot for weighing powders. It has a typical dispensing range of 2 mg to 250 mgs into capsules (size 4 00), 2 mg to 5 gms for scintillation vials or bottles. The combination of robotics with software automatically controls the weighing of a variety of powders ensuring accuracy up to 0.1 mg.

Electrical: 110-220V, 50-60Hz, 250W
X/Y axis Autodose
Serial # 1048
Sartorius Scale
Custom enclosure
Table not included

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