Aurora 1536 MaKO Microplates

Aurora BioTech Microplates made to advance your assay performance and throughput.

Manufacturer: Aurora Microplates, Inc.

Model: MaKO 1536

Product Code: 206917

Tags: Lab Equipment, Lab Miscellaneous

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Aurora BioTech Microplatesoffer distinct advantages in a vast variety of applications including:

Cellular Assays
In cellular assays most applications require a disposable microplate with good growth surface, preferably not glass, and good optical properties for imaging. Aurora Microplates offer specific features to enhance cellular assays.

Biochemical Assays
Biochemical assays require lowest possible background to achieve maximum signal-to-noise, chemical inertness, and low variability due to evaporation while working with minimal volumes.

Compound Storage
For compound storage micoplates must be amenable to automation, be solvent resistant and circumvent evaporation over extended periods to maintain integrity of the compound libraries.

Genomics Application-Real Time qPCR
Scaling real time qPCR beyond the 384 density format to increase data output while lowering cost, requires a platform that provides thermo stability and ideal optical properties for quantitative detection.

Proteomic Applications-Protein-Protein Interaction
Protein applications require minimum non specific surface interaction combined with ideal optical properties for quantitative detection

Retail Value of over $68,000 at 1000/box.
  • Lot of (68 boxes on a pallet) Aurora BioTech MaKO 1536 White Plates
Well Volume (ul): 9.03
Well Shape: RD
Well Depth (mm): 4.85
Well Diameter (or Side for Square Well) top/bottom (mm): 1.70 / 1.36
Plate Length (mm): 127.75
Plate Width (mm): 85.50
Plate Height (mm): 8.50

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