ATV PEO-601 Multipurpose Table Top Fast Ramping Furnace

ATV Technologies PEO 601 Bench Top Furnace ideal for RD, process development of unique and sophisticated new processes as well for low to medium volume production.

Manufacturer: ATV Technologie GmbH

Model: PEO 601

Product Code: 206170

Serial: 024

Year: 1988

Tags: Lab Equipment, Incubators / Ovens

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The PEO series is ideal tool for R&D purposes. It can be applied easily for new unique and sophisticated process development as well low to medium volume production applications. This multipurpose furnace has several key aspects integrated and can handle wafers up to 100mm.

Next to floor space saving advantages the PEO also has Zero energy usage in ambient stand-by. Another unique aspect of the system is the multi process capability when using our easy exchangeable Liners.To reach the optimal temperature uniformity ATV uses 14 Kanthal heating elements which are positioned around, at the front and on back side the process tube and are PID controlled

Electrical: 2x220/127V, 2X14/3A
Bench Top Furnace
Total Hours: 133678
Footprint: 710 x 650 x 450 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 47 kg
Inner Quartz Tube: 112mm (4")
Standard Product Temperature: 1.000C/1.100C continuously
Flat Zone: Up to 40 wafers, 100mm diameter

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