Steris AMSCO VHP-1000 Mobile Biodecontamination System

AMSCO Model VHP1000 Steam Generator

Manufacturer: AMSCO

Model: VHP 1000

Product Code: 271787

Serial: 2515864003

Tags: Processing Equipment, Plant Utility

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  • Product Details
This vaporized hydrogen peroxide H2O2biodecontamination system can sterilize clean-rooms and other sealed enclosures. There are four different preset modes that can run for different situations and size of areas. Also, there is a customized program option for the user#39;s specific needs. The process takes about an hour from start to finish and it does require liquid hydrogen peroxide to sterilize properly. This system has a built-in printer that prints out results during the process. There is an I/O option from a computer and a remote port as well.

  • Steam Generator
  • 120 volt

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